Our Services

Our Services

Financial Planning

Amwaly’s Financial Planning Clinic is the first independent office (not related to any financial institution) in Saudi Arabia to offer a tailored financial advisory service to individuals and families. The main goal of the Amwaly is to help you establish your short, medium and long term financial goals and to start you on the road to gaining financial freedom. The service is provided as follows:

  • Clients can book an appointment online or via phone.
  • A fixed fee of 350SR is paied prior to the visit. This covers an initial visit, which will last one hour. Most clients will only need one visit.
  • Amwaly will send a form to be completed by the client and returned prior to the appointment.
  • After the visit, Amwaly will send the the client a financial planning proposal(s).
  • Follow up meetings will be scheduled and agreed on during the first meeting, (follow up meeting(s) can be monthly, quarterly etc. and will cost 200SR per hour).



Amwaly offers financial consultancy to businesses and individuals via a strategic management lens, some of our services include: start up businesses, restructuring the finance department, setting financial plans and budgeting, evaluating the business current financial health, setting the business key performance indicators.



Amwaly offers coaching, mentoring and training to your executives and organisation members, one on one or in a group, to enhance the skill set and advance the knowledge base. The gap in knowledge or skill set will be assessed and a course will be designed to address the specific needs of the individuals and their organisations.